Honeywell Placement Paper

1.what are the storage classes in c++

2.write a program to implement static variable.

3. int *data[10];what does the variable data denotes?

int a[]={10,20,30,40,50};
fun(int *p)
for(int i=1;i<=3;i++)
3. enum day { saturday,sunday=3,monday,tuesday};
value of saturday,tuesday.

4. enum day {saturday,sunday=-1,monday,tuesday};
int x=monday;value of x?

5. #define ADD(X,Y)
X+Ymain(){-#undef ADD(X,Y) fun();
int y=ADD(3,2);

6. write a program to implement extern variable .......

7. What is OOP

8. what is inheritance.(public,private,protected)

9. What is polymorphism and write a program to implement it..

10. What is OS

11. What is a scheduler.

12. What are the types of scheduler..and explain.

13. What is difference b/w preemptive and RR scheduling.

14. What is memory management

15. What is segmentation

16. What is paging..

17. difference b/w paging and segmentation....

18. What is fragmentation (internal and external)

19. What is compaction......

20. they asked me to list What are the data structures u know

21. What is stack

22. applications of stack

23. What is queue

24. applications of queue.........

25. What is infix,prefix,postfix expression

26. evaluate of expression.....

27. What is circular queue.......

28. difference b/w array and linked list

29. What is doubly linked list.......