Honeywell Placement Paper

1. What is deadlock?

2. What are the conditions for deadlock.

3. What is deadlock avoidance and deadlock prevention.

4. Write the same complex number addition program with passing values to function, passing structure to function and passing address of the structure to the function.

5. What is recursion? What will happen is we don't give termination condition? How efficient recursion is compared to iteration.

6. What are the storage classes? Explain each with examples.

7. Where register variables are stored? Where registers remain in computer? How many registers are there.

8. Write a program to implement static storage class.

9. What is Union? Write syntax of union. How memory is allocated for the members of Union. How it is different from structure? When we use union and when structure.

10. What is dynamic memory allocation?

11. Write syntax for allocating memory for Integer using malloc().

12. What is type casting?

13. What is the need of type casting in malloc().

12. What is difference between malloc()and calloc().

13. How memory is released?

14. Where malloc() save variables? ( In which memory- Primary, RAM)

15. What is Preprocessor?

16. What it is called in C?

17. How it works? What is the need of macros?

18. How parameters are passed in C?

19. What is call by value, call by reference, and call by address? What is difference between them? Explain with examples.

20. What is difference between process and thread.

21. How we measure the efficiency of program?

22. What are the asymptotic notations? Explain with example.

23. What data structures do you know? (Stack, Queue, Linked list, Circular linked list, doubly linked list, graphs, tree, heap)

24. What is hashing? How it works?

25. What is difference between graph and tree? (define and explain)

26. What is B+ tree?

27. What is Binary tree?

28. Rate yourself in Operating System.

29. What is scheduling? What are the scheduling techniques? Explain.

30. Which scheduling technique is used in Windows XP?

31. Which scheduling technique do you think is best and why? Explain its working?