Honeywell Placement Paper

1. SDLC (software development life cycle)-what are various models [waterfall, prototype, iterative enhancement, spiral], what are the steps under these models.

2. what is Testing, unit testing, integration testing, alpha, beta testing, system testing.

3. What is CMM levels, Six sigma, ISO standards.

4. what are various steps under which a C program is converted into .exe file (preprocessing, compilation, linking)

5. Write a Program for any sorting method and its complexity

6. Write a Program for matrix multiplication.

7. What are the different kinds of tree (questions about Binary tree, Binary search tree, AVL tree)

8. Difference between arrays and linked list, which one is better (I said it depends upon application, if we want to store some name ie character string of predefined length array will be better option b'coz more memory is required to store pointers etc)

9. Which data structure is used in expression evaluation, how a infix expression is evaluated (first converted into postfix, then evaluate using stack)

10.What is scheduling, semaphore, mutexes