Honeywell Placement Paper

1.Which sorting technique is most efficient with respect to time.

2.Which sorting technique is most efficient in both best and worst cases.

3.Which one is correct order of sorting techniques with respect to space complexity.
a. merge sorts, Bubble sort, Heap sortb. Quick sort, Heap sort, Insertion sort..

4.If timing requirement is the main issue, which system will you prefer
a.Hard real time system, b. Soft real time system, c. Mission critical syste,

5.Bankers algorithm is used for
a. Deadlock Preventions b. Deadlock avoidance c. deadlock detection...

6.What is postfix notation for that.

7.For a tree how to find the breadth first traversals.

8.For a given binary tree how to find the correct preorder traversal.

9.Which one is correct syntax of pointer of a function.

10. For a given union, what is the memory space allocated for its variables.

11. Error correction is done in which layer of OSI reference model.