Honeywell Placement Paper

1) Neena says that " Anitha's father Raman is the only son of my father-in-law Mahipal." How is Anitha's sister Bindu related to Mahipal?
None of these

2) If the provisions last for 30 days for 3000 men then if after 10 men are included then the remaining provisions last for how many days?

3) A and B earns in the ratio of 4:3 and the expenditure is in the ratio of 3:2 and they each save an amount of Rs.500, then the income of B is?

4) If a man walks first and rides back then the time taken is 6 hours and 30 minutes. If he rides both ways then he gains a time of 2 hours and 10 minutes, then what is the time he takes to walk both ways?
8 hours and 40 minutes

5) IfA if the fifth from the left side and B is sixth from the right side and they are interchanged. After that A is 13 the from the right side. What is is the B's position from the left?

6)In an organisation, 55% are men. 30% of the employees are full time. 60% of them are female. What is the percentage of the males among the full time employees?

7)There is one 40 kg weight stone.How many weights are there such that it can measure any weight between 1 to 40 kg?7Marks

8) A's in come is 50% more thanB's. by how much percentage is B's income less than A?
33 1/3%
9)In an exam 40% is the passing marks. a student got 40 marks and failed by 80 marks. What are the maximum marks in the exam?

10) a group of 100 people were surveyed.72 people ate from P and 52% ate from Q, then which of the following cannot be the no. of people who ate both at P and Q?

11) There are 6 peopleA, B, C, D, E, F. they are placed in 2 rows. C is diagonally opposite to D. E is not at the either ends of a row. then which of the following can be an arrangement?

12) there are the codes on English words.. like if CIRCUS can be coded as KORAB then THIS can be coded as?

13) there are some people like Alice, Dora,....and some relationships are there between them..
answer is..Dora is the mother-in-law of Alice

14) there is a discount of 50%. A man buys a watch at original cost and the other at discount and if they both cost him 180/- then what is the original cost of the watch?

15)3 numbers are added with some digits missing
what is the value of x?

16)There are 4 women to cross bridge and Flash-light.One or two women can cross the bridge with the flash light at a time.those have different walking speeds.The pair must walk at the rate of slower pace
woman1:1 minutes
woman2:2 minutes
woman3:5 minutes
woman4:10 minutes
Then what is the minimum required time to cross the bridge all the 4 women without throwing flash-light?

17)There are cats got together to decide killing the mice of 999919, each cat kills equal no.of mice and each cat kills more no.of mice than cats there were.Then what are the number of cats?

18)the tree grows first day 1/2 of its original size,grows 1/3 of its previous day size,and grows 1/4 and so on.How many days it will take to grow 100 times to the original size of tree?