Techmahindra Placement Paper

1. If a monkey climbs 3 steps and comes down 2 steps in an hour....den how much time will it take 4 him to climb 20 steps?
a)10hr b)12hr c)18hr d)20hr
answr-c (18hr)

2. a certain article cost something and a second article cost 20% less than the 1st ariticle. if a person gain (25/2)% on d 1st article and loses 10% on d second article, den find d overall gain or loss on d whole transaction?
a)25/2% gain b)25/2% loss c)no loss or gain d)10%loss e)none
answr-e (none)


4)what is the angle when time is 14:42?

5) A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family. A& D are unmarried women & don't work. in family there are businessman, professor, artist. B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman. E is husband. Who is professor?
a)A b)B c)D d)E e)none of these

6) pie chat is given for a salary 6000 what will be the ratio of radius with a salary of 1500.
a)2:1 b)1:2 c)3:2 d)none of these.

7) Sum in S.I. becomes 5 times its principal in 8 years what is the rate?
a)5/2 b)6/3 c) d)none of these.

8) a retailer increases the marked price by 25% and giving discount of 12% so how much profit he ll get
a..12% b.20% c.10% d. 30% e.none of these

9) there are 12 marbles, 11 marbles are having the same weight 1 marbles is less or high. in how many weighing you will find out the result
a: 3 b: 4 c: 6 d: 7

10) A can do a work alone in 8 days, and can do together with B in 6 days so how many days b can do the same work

11) if rs 2000 amounts is given, find the compound interest, if the rate is 10% and duration 2yr 8month

12) T=2
again: T1=T1*1000
print T1+T2+T3+T4+Tt5
if T<3
goto again

13) series 110, 120 243 255 ?

14)10 Let R=3
20 Let R=R*3
30 Let J=R*3
40 Let K=J*3
50 print K-J-R
if R<120 return to 20
exit. the above question was asked in last 4 interviews of SATYAM. this model is same but not exactly.

15) There are 10000 families, having 4 children for each family. what is the probability that there will be 2 daughters for each house.
e)none of these

16) If 27th December 1928 is Monday then what is the day of 27th December 2004?

17) P,K,B,?, K,B,R,K,B
ans: Q

18) A alone takes 80 days to complete a job. A works for 8 days and the remaining work was completed by B in 42 days.How long it will take if A and B work together?
ans: 30 days.