Techmahindra Placement Paper

1) Sunitha and Anitha wants to paint a room. In how many days they can complete the work if they work together? (TIME-WORK, Data sufficient)
I Sunitha can do it alone in 8 days.
II Anitha can do it alone in 15 days.
Ans: Both conditions are sufficient, each alone is insufficient

2) 30,48,41,96,52,_____. (series)
Ans: 144
The numbers at odd places have a difference of 11 and even places will have the difference of 48

3) Aeroplane speed in still air is 260 kmph. the wind speed is 40 kmph. If the time taken to travel a certain distance against the wind is 135 min., then what is the time taken by it to travel the same distance along the wind? (take off & take on times are excluded) (boats-streams)
A: 99 minutes (check it)

4) a,b,c pipes. Each can fill a tank exactly a number in b/w 900 and 1000 min. what are the times if they fill independently? In how much time they can fill the tank together? (pipes and cisterns)
Ans: we have to check answers whether the the first 3 ans gives the 4th one (like 916,935,972,312)
5) Cards problem: a,b,c are playing they had to take a card and should replace it with another. A person who takes a spade wins the game. Find their ratios of probability of winning the game? (probability and ratios)

6) Allegations and mixtures
Out of 12 kg rice mixture,20% is pure and 8 kg is wild rice and so on ..find the amount of pure rice from 20 kg of such mixture?
Ans: 36%

7) Areas
Rectangle has length l, breadth b, When the length is decreased by 3 and breadth is increased by 4, it becomes a square where its area is equal to rectangle. find perimeter of rectangle.
Ans: around 19.5(check it)

8) What is the formula for simple and compound interest

9) Numbers question pages of a book
If a book (paged from 1 and so on.) had 61 3's then the number of pages in that book____
Ans: 300