Techmahindra Placement Paper

English - II Total Questions :10
Instruction for Q. Nos. 1 to 8 :
Choose the word among the four options which is the closest in meaning to the given word.

a) Under
b) Belie
c) Above
d) Submit

Q.2 Ingenuous
a) sly
b) honest
c) wily
d) prepare

Q.3 Brazen
a) shameless
b) quick
c) modest
d) pleasant
e) melodramatic

Q.4 Cacophony
a) discordant
b) dance
c) applause
d) type of telephone
e) rooster

Q.5 Obscene
a) dirty
b) unhealthy
c) indecent
d) Unwanted

Q.6 Attrition
a) attraction
b) suffering
c) decline
d) friction

Q.7 Pastel
a) Light shades or colours
b) attempt
c) dark shade
d) conflict

Q.8 Spew
a) throw in water
b) split
c) to come forth in a flush
d) take up liquids

Instruction for Q. No. 9
Choose the correct Antonym out of the four given alternatives against each of the following words :
Q.9 Vigilant
a) Refined
b) Fixed
c) Careless
d) Exalt

Instruction for Q. No. 10
Choose the correct option.
Q.10 I brought him ____________ with great difficulty.
a) about
b) in
c) round
d) up