Techmahindra Placement Paper

1. Find the wrong output of the following program
10 LET T = 2
20 LET T1 = T * 1000
30 LET T2 =T + 2
40 LET T3 = T2 * 100
50 LET T4 = T2 + 2
60 LET T5 = T4 *10
70 LET T7 = T1 + T3 + T5
90 T = T + 1
100 IF T<6 THEN GOTO 20
110 END
A) 2460
B) 3570
C) 4580
D) 5790
E) None of these

2. In the series 3, 5, 12, 38, 154, 914, 4634,..... which is the incorrect number?
A) 5
B) 12
C) 38
D) 914
E) None of these

3. The President of the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of XYZ Vihar lives in the C block of the neighborhood. There are seven houses in the C block, including the president's - the president's house being located at the centre. The other houses are located in the same row as the president's house. These houses are occupied by other office bearers of the RWA, The seven resident's in the C block are P, Q, R, S, T, U and V. The closer a resident's house is to the president's house, the higher is his rank in the RWA, with a person on the president's left outranking one equidistant from the president's right.
i)T is four places to the left of the secretary.
ii)V's neighbors are P and the secretary.
iii)S is two places to the left of U.
iv)The Convenor, the Organizer and the Cashier are seated together, in that order, from left to right.
v)The secretary is two places to the to the right of Q.
vi)The remaining functionaries of the RwA are the Treasurer and the officer.
The fourth-ranking person in the RWA is
A) V
B) P
C) S
D) U
E) None of these

4. A Data Interpretation Question using bar graph.
These are 5 copies of university physics, 8 copies of university chemistry, 3 different books on law and 2 different books on history in a library. Find the number of ways in which onr or more than one book can be selected?
A) 1985
B) 1260
C) 1558
D) 1727
E) None of these

5. The average life expectancy for the United States population as a whole is 73.9 years, but children born in Hawaii will an average of 77 years, and those born in Louisiana, 71.7 years. If a newlywed couple from Louisiana were to begin their family in Hawaii, therefore, their children would be expected to live longer than would the case if the family remained in Louisiana. Which of the following statements, if true, would most significantly strengethen the conclusion drawn in the passage?
A) As population density increases in Hawaii, life expectancy figures for that state are likely to be revised downward.
B) Environmental factors tending to favour longevity are abundant in Hawaii and less numerous in Louisiana.
C) Twenty-five percent of all Louisianans who move to Hawaii live longer than 77 years.
D) Over the last decade, average life expectancy has risen at a higher rate for Louisianians than for Hawaiians.
E) None of these.

6. While walking with his friend, Mahesh meets another whose mother is the wife of Mahesh's father's only son. How is the man related to Mahesh?
A) Son
B) Nephew
C) Cousin
D) Uncle
E) None of these

7. The sum of the ages of a mother and daughter is 60 years. Also ten years ago the mother's age is 7 times the age of the of the daughter. The present age of mother is
A) 45 years
B) 55 years
C) 65 years
D) 60 years
E) None of these

8. An old man has a number of oranges. If he sells them at Rs. 1.25 a score, he loses Rs. 2.50. If sells them at Rs. 1.50 a score, he gains Rs. 5. What is the number of oranges?(score = 20 nos.)
A) 600
B) 462
C) 575
D) 700
E) Non of these

9. The difference between the simple and compound interest on a sum of Rs. 5,00,000 for two years is 2,500. Find the rate of interest, if it is compounded yearly?
A) 7.5%
B) 7%
C) 6.5%
D) 6%
E) None of these

10. Breakfast times (all am): 6:30, 6:50, 7:15, 7:35, 7:50 & 8:30
i)The person who read the newspaper had breakfast later than the person that liked to listen to the news on the radio, but earlier than the person who enjoyed silence at breakfast time.
ii)Juhi had her breakfast dirctly before the person who had toast, who had breakfast directly before the person that listened to music on the radio.
iii)Cereal was eaten 20 minutes after the person who watched the Breakfast News on TV.
iv)Shalani ate breakfast at 7:15. Laloo had breakfast sometime after Mahesh. A banana was not eaten at half past the hour.
v)Chamila's 4 cups of black coffee was not the breakfast taken last. Sausage and egg was eaten directly after the toast.
vi)Jameer had his breakfast directly after the person who ate sausage and egg, but directly before the person whose idea of a fun breakfast was shouting at the children.
What time did Juhi have breakfast, what was her pastime and what did she have for breakfast?
A)6:30, TV Breakfast news, Coffee
B)6:50, Radio news, Cereal
C)7:15, Reading newspapers,Toast
D)7:35, Radio music, Sausage and Egg
E) None of these

11. X, Y and Z shared Rs.7400 so that X received 25% more than Y, and Y received 20% more than Z. What amount did Z receive?
A) Rs.3500
B) Rs.3000
C) Rs.2400
D) Rs.2000
E) None of these

12. The average normal infant born in the United States weighs between twelve and fourteen pounds at the age of three months. Therefore, if a three-month-old child weighs only ten pounds, its weight. Which of the following indicates a flaw in the reasoning above?
A) Weight is only one measure of normal infant development.
B) Some three-month-old children weigh as much as seventeen pounds.
C) It is possible for a normal child to weigh ten pounds at birth.
D) Average weight gain is not the same as average weight.
E) None of these.

13. Jake farmer woke up one morning to pandemonium in his barnyard. The gate had been left open and the animals had wandered out during the night. When he looked out the window, he could see the chickens and the sheep. When he got downstairs he could see the goats, too. But he had the cows and horses. After an hour of running around, Jake finally got all his animals back in their pens.
1.The animals running loose on the neighbour's lawn were not goats.
2.The twelve chickens, which were not eating Jake's vegetable garden, took the most time to return to their pen.
3.Jake had five of each type of animal; he had an even number of all other animals.
4.The animals he had the least were only two, took five minutes to catch while the animals he had most took him twenty minutes to catch.
5.The animals of Jake which were only two, took five minutes to catch while the animals he had six took twice as long to catch.
6.Jake had six chickens more than goats but two goats more than sheep.
7.It took five minutes more to catch the horses than it took to catch the animals in the hayfield but getting the horses took five minutes less than collecting the animals scattered around the barnyard.
8.It took Jake the same amount of time to collect the four animals in the hay field as it did to collect the goats.
Using the clues, determine how many chickens the farmer had to find, and how long it took the farmer to return the chickens to their stable.
A)5 chickens, 15 minutes
B)4 chickens, 10 minutes
C)6 chickens, 10 minutes
D)12 chickens, 20 minutes
E)None of these

14. A and B can do a piece of work in 20 days and 30 days respectively. They work together and A leaves 5 days before the work is finished. B finishes the remaining work alone. In how many days the total work is finished?
A)15 days
B)13 days
C)11 days
D)9 days
None of these