Techmahindra Placement Paper

a) DRV
b) DSW
c) DQW
d) DQV

Instruction for Q. No. 2
Which letter(s) in each of the following series is wrong or is misfit in the series ?
Q.2 M L O N Q P R
a) R
b) O
c) Q
d) L

Instruction for Q. No. 3
In the following questions select the number(s) from the given options for completing the given series.
Q.3 1,2,2,4,16,?,65536
a) 276
b) 64
c) 256
d) 198

Instruction for Q. No. 4
In the given series find the number which is wrong.
Q.4 1,5,5,9,7,11,11,15,12,17
a) 11
b) 15
c) 17
d) 12

Instruction for Q. Nos. 5 to 6 :
In the questions given below one term is missing. Based on the relationship of the two given words find the missing term from the given options.
Q.5 HKNQ : CGKO :: SVYB :?

Q.6 ADLC : CLAD :: RGUB :?

Instruction for Q. Nos. 7 to 8 :
In the following questions, select the number from the given options which follows the same relationship as shared between the first two numbers.
Q.7 1 : 11 :: 2 :?
a) 20
b) 22
c) 24
d) 44

Q.8 30 : 42 :: 56 :?
a) 92
b) 21
c) 38
d) 72

Instruction for Q. No. 9
Three of the following four in each question are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Select the group of letters that does not belong to that group.

Instruction for Q. Nos. 10 to 11 :
In the following questions, which of the following pair of letters is different from the other three?
a) PQR - HGF
b) RST - ONM
c) IJK - CBE
d) WXY - FED

a) JM - KL
b) QP - RS
c) EH - FG
d) MP - NO

Instruction for Q. No. 12
In each of the following questions, there are four options. The numbers, in these options, are alike in a certain manner. Only one number does not fit in. Choose the one which is different from the rest.
a) 616
b) 252
c) 311
d) 707

Instruction for Q. Nos. 13 to 16 :
In the following questions select the right option which indicates the correct code for the word or letter given in the question.
Q.13 If SPORTS is coded in a certain manner as TOPQUR , then TENNIS will be coded as:

Q.14 In a certain code APPROACH is coded as CHOAPRAP. How will RESTRICT be coded?

Q.15 If the word TRAIN is coded as WUDLQ,then how will the word BUS be coded?
a) EXU
b) DWU
c) EXV
d) VXE

Q.16 In a certain code REGISTRY is written as VAKEWPVU.How will ENTRY be written in the same code?

Instruction for Q. No. 17
For the following questions select the right option.
Q.17 Among five friends,P,Q,R,S and T,who is the youngest?To arrive at the answer which of the following information given in the statements (A) and (B) is sufficient?
(A) R is younger than P and T
(B) S is younger than Q
a) Only A alone is sufficient
b) Either A or B is sufficient
c) Both A and B together are needed
d) Only B alone is sufficient
e) Both A and B together are not sufficient

Instruction for Q. No. 18
In the following questions, select the right answer from the given options to depict the correct direction / distance.
Q.18 If all the directions are changed in the manner that North becomes south and vice versa,then North-West will be :
a) South - East
b) North - East
c) South - West
d) None of the above

Instruction for Q. Nos. 19 to 21 :
In each of the following questions keenly study the relationship mentioned between the persons, and then from the given options select the right relationship as the answer.
Q.19 A man introduced the boy coming with him as "He is son of the father of my wife's daughter".What relation did the boy bear to the man?
a) Son-in-law
b) Son
c) Brother
d) Father
e) None of these

Q.20 Pointing to Suman,Amit said,"He is my sister's only brother's son".How is Suman related to Amit?
a) Grandson
b) Son
c) Nephew
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

Q.21 Bela is the mother of Chinu and Miki.If Kavind is the husband of Miki,what is Bela to Kavind?
a) Daughter
b) Sister
c) Mother
d) Mother-in-law
e) None of these

Instruction for Q. Nos. 22 to 26 :
Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions below it.
Raghu and Gyan are good at cricket and hockey.Sohan and Gyan are good at hockey and chess.Raghu and Govind are good at swimming and cricket.
Q.22 Who is good at cricket,hockey and chess?
a) Raghu
b) Gyan
c) Sohan
d) Govind
e) None of the above

Q.23 Who is good at cricket and swimming?
a) Gyan
b) Govind
c) Sohan
d) All of them
e) Cannot be determined

Q.24 Who is good at hockey,chess and swimming?
a) Raghu
b) Govind
c) Sohan
d) All the three
e) None of the above

Q.25 Who is good at swimming,hockey and cricket?
a) Raghu
b) Sohan
c) Govind
d) Gyan
e) None of the above

Q.26 Who is good at hockey but not so in swimming?
a) Govind
b) Raghu
c) Sohan
d) No one
e) All the three

Instruction for Q. Nos. 27 to 31 :
Read the paragraph carefully and answer the questions below it.
Five shirts are placed on a shelf in a heap.Red shirt is above the Blue shirt and Green shirt is below the Orange shirt.Blue shirt is above the Orange shirt and White is below the Green shirt.

Q.27 The colour of the shirt between Red and orange shirts is :
a) White
b) Green
c) Blue
d) Data is insufficient
e) None of these

Q.28 Which colour shirt is at the bottom?
a) Red
b) White
c) Orange
d) Cannot be said
e) None of these
(i) There are seven books one each on Psychology, Hindi, English, Sociology, Economics, Education and Accountancy, lying on a table one above the other.
(ii) Sociology is on the top of all the books.
(iii) Accountancy is immediately below Education which is immediately below Sociology.
(iv) Economics is immediately above Psychology but not in the middle.
(v) Hindi is immediately below Psychology.

Q.29 Which three books are between Accountancy and Hindi?
a) Economics, Psychology and Hindi
b) Economics, Psychology and Education,
c) English,Economics and Psychology
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

Q.30 Economics is between which of the following books?
a) Accountancy and Education
b) Psychology and Hindi
c) English and Psychology
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

Q.31 If Sociology and English,Accountancy and Hindi & Education and Psychology interchange their positions,which book will be between Psychology and Sociology?
a) Hindi
b) Accountancy
c) Psychology
d) Economics
e) None of these