Techmahindra Placement Paper

English - I Total Questions :10
Instruction for Q. No. 1
From the two options given below each sentence select the one to fill the blank appropriately.
Q.1 She is very gentle and __________.
a) considerable
b) considerate

Instruction for Q. No. 2
Each of the following idioms/ phrases has four responses / choices. Tick mark the response which gives the correct meaning of the idioms / phrase.
Q.2 To come of age
a) to attain the age of majority
b) to grow old
c) to have existed for a long time
d) to look old

Instruction for Q. Nos. 3 to 10 :
Choose the correct option.
Q.3 It was the help he got from his friends which ______________ him through the tragedy.
a) supported
b) helped
c) parked
d) boosted

Q.4 The controversy is likely to create ___________ between the two communities.
a) amity
b) bitterness
c) doubt
d) revenge

Q.5 I do not think you will gain anything by insulting and _____________ the man you do not agree with.
a) defaming
b) depicting
c) charging
d) revamping
e) enervating

Q.6 The assassination of the Archduke was followed by ______________ throughout the whole European continent.
a) repercussions
b) concatenations
c) reprisals
d) consternations
e) enervations

Q.7 It is our _________ to __________ the elders.
a) object, defy
b) duty, respect
c) aim, degrade
d) hope, disappoint

Q.8 He was an ______________ who was fond of weird pets.
a) ambitious
b) amiable
c) eccentric
d) emotional

Q.9 Prabha's _____________ in athletics yielded rich ___________ as she got a scholarship.
a) performance, money
b) defeat, results
c) behaviour, appreciation
d) excellence, dividends
e) failure, disappointment

Q.10 I will be leaving for Delhi tonight and ____________ to return by this weekend.
a) waiting
b) plan
c) going
d) likely
e) making