Hexaware Placement Paper

1-5) find out antonyms:
1) scrupulous
A) understood B meticulous C careless D rude E wittyAns c

2) tacit
A calm B silent C intelligent D spoken E rude Ans D

3) lustrous
A dull B freaky c delicious D spicy E gloomy Ans A

4) admonish
A taunting B appreciate C scold E faint E shrilly Ans B

5) raucous
A silky B hairy C decent D freaky E noisy Ans C

6-15)find out synonyms
6) invidious
Ans discriminatory

7) vigilant
a watchful b careless c freaky d faint e dirtyAns a

8) Replete
Ans full,instinct

9) Implode
Ans go off

10) Impervious

11) Communique
Ans dispatch

12) impertinent
Ans fresh,

13-17) the ....13.... nature of internet and in the its increasing ..14.... of users because of its underlying ....15......has made enhancements in its..16........ and compatible for....17............ .