Hexaware Placement Paper

1. 1,!,2,@,3,#,4,$,5, what is next in the series
Ans : %.

2. Which is the oldest computing device still in use
Ans : Abacus

3. What is WAP? Ans : Wireless Application Protocol

4. Nibble is equal to Ans:4 bits

5. S= 0; C = 0
Read A,B
While ((2A+3B) < 100)
{ S = 3A - 2B
c = c + 1
print a,s,c


(Directions1-5) Find out antonyms:

1) Scrupulous
A) understood B meticulous C careless D rude E witty Ans c

2) Tacit
A calm B silent C intelligent D spoken E rude Ans D

3) Lustrous
A dull B freaky c delicious D spicy E gloomy Ans A

4) Admonish
A taunting B appreciate C scold E faint E shrilly Ans B

5) Raucous
A silky B hairy C decent D freaky E noisy Ans C

(Directions 6-15 ) Find out synonyms

6) Invidious
7) Vigilant
8) Replete

9) Implode

10) Impervious Ans

11) Communiqu

12) Impertinent

(Directions 13-17) Fill In The Blank

The 13.. nature of internet and in the its increasing 14 of users because of its underlying 15..has made enhancements in
its16.. and compatible for17

Ans pervasive

Ans number

Ans advantages

Ans features

Ans organizations