Hexaware Placement Paper

1.If x is an integer x^2-x-1 then value of x ?

2.A number is given and find the missing digits in that no if it is divisible by 75.

3.if a number is increased by 10% then which of the following will not have the value

4.if 3/10 of x is y is 10 what is the value of x.

5.how many four digit numbers can be written if all the four digits are even

6.product of two numbers is 900.the sum of two numbers is 30 greater than the difference of two numbers. ans 60.

7.Anand is ten years older than ram.after 5 years anand is twice than the age of ram. find anand's age after 3 years ans:18

8.write a program to find the total no of palindromes between 100 and 1000

9.if X is the set of prime numbers less than 6 and Y is set of odd numbers less than 6 . if x is from X and y is from Y then the total no of combinations of x*y are .. ans :9