Hexaware Placement Paper

1. Which of following dissipates least power?
a.TTLb.ECL c.RTL d.CMOS [ans]

2. What is the Laplace transform of unit impulse function?

3. The resistor is given voltage V=150 sint. what is the power dissipated?

4. How to find the value of Z in theveins theorm ?
Ans sc voltage source and oc current source.

5. If in addition of excess-3 code the sum exceeds 9 then what we hav to do?
Ans subtract it by 0011

6. A signal is modulated having modulation index 3 and 4. what will be resultant M.I
Ans5[srt of m1+m2]

7. IC timer 555 can be used as?
a. astable mvb. monostable mv c. freq divider d. all[ans]

8. Give the contents of SP & HL pair after the execution of following statements
1002 LXI SP, 27FFH
1003 CALL 1006H
1006 PUSH H
Ans SP=27FFH HL=1006H

9. Phase margin of system is 125 what is its gain margin?
Ans -125 [not sure]

10. If the gate voltage is increased the n what will be the effect In MOSFET?
Ans Channel widens.

11. Current in the rotor of 3 phase induction motor is due to?
Ans Induction.

12. Question on transmission line with values of Zoc and Zsc given.Find the value of Zch?
Ans Zch =sqrt[ZocXZsc].

13. White noise has?
Ans Flat power spectral density.

14. The Transfer function of the system was given. find the no. of breakaway pts?

15. If a function has half wave symmetry its Fourier transform consist of?
A. only odd harmonics
B. only even harmonics
C. Both even & odd harmonics but no constant term