HP Placement Paper

1) HP acquired this company in 2002. Which is the company
a)Compaq b)Dell c)option 3d) Option4
Ans: a

2) what does 3G denote
a) 3rd generation mobile communication b) 3rd generation computer languages c) option 3d) option4
Ans: a

3)an application program that is used by the users to get the information from the back end of some application like databases:
a) application server b)proxy server c)database server d)option 4
Ans: database server

4) which of the following is not true about the e-mail
a) it can be accessed by a client program using POP
b) it can be accessed by a client program using imap protocol
c) option 3 d) option 4

5) Who produce Macintosh computers?

{ printf("%d", scanf("%d%d", printf, scanf));
1)22)2 2 3)0 4)error

{char *p="quick";
char q[]="sort";
char *t;
1)quick sort 2)sort sort 3)quick quick 4)sort quick

{ int s[]={1,2,3,4,5,6};
1)error 2)8 3)6 4)0