HP Placement Paper

1) What is Open System and Closed System in Computer terminology ?
2) What is meant by Open Source ? Is Java Open Source or not ?
3) Explain MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture ? What acts as controller ? How views get updated ?
4) What are design patterns ? Explain FACADE Design Pattern ?
5) What s the difference between CMM and CMMI ?
6) What is Requirements Development in CMMI ?
7) How do you capture requirements ? Using What method you make sure that requirements are properly captured?
8) What is UseCase ? What is the template to write UseCases ?
9) How do you perform testing ? Do you use any automated testing tools ? If so, What are they ?
10) I have a Web Server, Application Server, Servlet Engine, Database - all located on separate systems behind firewalls. How will you design an application using 3-tier architecture in this case ?
11) What is 2-Phase Commit and 3-Phase Commit in database terminology ?
12) Will the View get refreshed immediately when you update a database table. If it doesn t get refreshed immediately, What method you use to refresh it ?
13) Some websites will have hierarchical display of items. (For eg, on click of a + symbol, all items under this item gets listed.). How do you store such structure in database (Note: You can store as XML object. But How do you store in database tables without using XML) ?
14) What are interfaces, abstract classes. What is their purpose and differences ?
15) What is 3 rd level of normalization ?
16) How do you implement TREE in Java ? How do you implement the same using C or C++ ?
17) What is the difference between Application and Web servers ?