HP Placement Paper

1. Why the potholes are circular

2. There are 3 switches outside the room and 3 bulbs inside the room find which switch is for which bulb .

3. What is Differences b/w C & C++

4. Write a program to read and print the contents of a file

5. What is Global variables

6. What is the use of static member functions

7. What is the need for a copy constructor

8. int*p=new int[10]; How will u deallocate the memory declared in this statement and is it necessary

9. Write and show how will u derive a class from another class

10. What happens to the data members during private, public and protected derivation

11. What are virtual destructor

12. Explain how printf works

13. Write a program to find the number of 1's in an integer number

14. Something about linked list

15. class templates

16. Explain the project

17. What is UNIX