HP Placement Paper

1. Who is associated with C language?

2. Who is the CEO of Microsoft

3.Company producing Routers,Bridges

4.From 70s 80s Company producing mouse,GUIs.
a)Dell b)IBM c) Xerox d) HP

5.Inventor of Pascal ?

6.About SUN micro systems

7.first digital comp machine a)von neumann b) Dijkstra

8.Which of these is not search engine
a)hotbot b)parametric c)Altavista d) google

9.In 2002 IBM acquired which company
a) Rational b) oracle c) netscape

10.founder of apple computer(2 persons)

11.who is chief of Dell computers(Michael Dell)

12.which is low cost common man's PC (Simputer)

13.In 2002, HP acquired a company (Compaq) and so on.