Virtusa Placement Paper

Q. 3 men and 2 Boys can do a work in 10 days .1 man and 1 boy can do the same work in 12 days. 1 man can do the work in How many days.

Q. 3+5+7+......n. How many numbers make the sum 480.

Q. x+y+z=0 then (x+y+z)^3 =?xyz

A: we can expand that as ((x+y+z)^3+3xyz)/3xyz
so ans is 3

Q. Total marks of an exam:500 A got 10% less than B.B got 25% more than C. C got 20% less than D.If A scored 300,score of D?

Q. A man can travel 1 mile in 1hr.He filled the tank with 50 ltr.But tank has a hole and petrol started leaking. He found he traveled 400 miles When the fuel is completely leaked. The mileage of vehcle is 1 ltr per 3 miles. How fast the fuel is leaked. In How many min.How much?

Q. In a vessel there is 64 ltr of some liquid. If 3 time we take out 8ltr and fill with water What is the ratio.

Q. In a bag there are 10p and 5p coins. total sum: RS2.50p Find no.of each coins

Q. Sum of radii of 2 circles=10 sum of circumference of the two is 7. What is are of small circle.

Q. Unfortunately a no. got halfed instead of doubling,no reduced to 70. Actual number is?

Q. In How many different ways, a rectangle can be cut into 4 identical parts.

Q. using the numbers 1, 2, 3, 25, 50, 75, 100 Exactly one time, give an expression which will give the answer as 383.

Q. volume of sphere is (PI)*(Theta) Cubic-meters and Surface area is (PI)*(Epslon) Square-meters And both are 4 digit integer numbers. What is the value of radius?

Q. Start from a random number, generate a sequence such that if number is odd, multiply it with 3 and add 1. If number is even, divide the number by 2. This Sequence will always cyclic with 4, 2, 1. In this sequence, find the maximum power of 2 generaged in the sequence and print only the power, not the sequence.

Q. Start with a random 2 digit number, The series is generated by multiplying the number by 2 and placing the last 2 digits as the next number. Series continues until one of the element repeats.

Q. What will this line will do? if it is legal?
B -= (B < 0) * 2 * B;

Q. What does this function do??

int f(int p)
int i = 0, t = 1, s = 1;
while( s <= p)
t += 2;
s += s;
return i;