Virtusa Placement Paper

1. A container has 64 lit of alcohol. 8 Lit of which is removed and added with same amt of water. The same process is repeated 3 times. What is the percentage of alcohol after the end of the operations.
Ans- formula - intial vol - p lit(64).
Vol of removed sol - q lit(8).
No of oprs - n(3).
Concentration of first liquid afetr oprts is - ((p-q)/p)**n.

2. A tank holds 25 gallons of fuel. Before going for a drive which is at a distance of 600 miles. The car goes at a speed of 60 miles per/ hr. However the tank has a hole and fuel leaks out . After travelling a distance of 300 miles, the tank gets emptied. Find rate at which fuel gets lost.

3. X+y+z=0, find the value of (x**3+y**3+z**3)/xyz.

4. 3 Men and 2boys can do piece of work in 12 days. Same work is done by 6men and 1 boy in 6 days. Find How many days can a man alone can complete the work?

5. In an exam the maximum marks is 500. A got 20% more than b, b got 25% less than c, c got 20% more than d. If b marks are 360 then How much did d score?

Technical Interview

A) Difference between manual and automation.
B) Types of testing.
C) Techniques in white box and black box.
D) Levels of testing.
E) Regression and retesting.
G) Boundary value analysis, Equivalence class partition.