Zensar Placement Paper

Q1) What is the difference between C and C++?
Q2) What is object oriented programming?
Q3) What is the difference between the class and objects?
Q4) What was the need of classes?
Q5) What is encapsulation?
Q6) What is abstraction?
Q7) What is the need for abstraction? give some practical example?
Q8) What is inheritence?
Q9) Give a real life example of inheritance?
Q10) What is polymorphism?
Q11) Write a program for SWAPPING?
int a=5;
int b=10;
a=a+b; //a=15
b=a-b; //b=15-10=5
printf("value of b is %d",b);
a=a-b; //a=15-5=10
printf("value of a is %d",a);

Q12) What is jvm?
Q13) What do you know about data base management system?
Q14) What is rdbms?
Q15) Write a query to create a table?
Q16) If we dont pass the fields name then will the table be created?
Q17) What is preprocessor?
Q18) What is the difference between compiler and interpreter?
Q19) What is the command to make a file in dos?
Q20) What are header files?
Q21) What are the needs for header files?
Q21) What is d difference between preprocessor directives and header files?
Q22) What is the use of main in any program?
Q23) When we make graphics in c++ then which header file we include?