Zensar Placement Paper

1)What is pointer to a function ..
2)Explain the working of pointer to a function
3)Difference between char const *p, const char *p,const * char p, const char * const p
4)What Is FILE *fp
5)Write a program to print a file from the last .
6)Write a program to encrypt the file

7)What is abstraction
8)What is run time polymorphism
9)What is register storage class? If a variable is declared as register then is it compulsory that it will be of storage type register?
10)What is interface in java ?
11)What is implementation ?

12)Why java doesn't support multiple inheritance ?
13)Is c++ is pure object oriented?
14)Why we need new operator in java at the time of object declaration and why not in c++?

15)Write a program to implement virtual functions ?
16)What is the difference between file and data base storage ?
17)Difference between hierarchical data model and network data model ?
18)What are the 12 codd's rule ?
19)Gave me a table and asked me to normalize it up to 3 nf ?
20)Difference between BCNF and 4 nf ?
21)Difference between conflict and view serialzability
22)What is batch operating system ?
23)Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking ?
24)What are different types of scheduler ? explain short term scheduler ?
25)What are different scheduling algorithms ?

26)What is a system call?
27)Monitors and Semaphores ?
28)What are different CPU registers ?
29)Object oriented model, Component Assembly model and Waterfall model ? compare them ?
30)Difference between OSI and TCP/IP?
31)X.25 ?

32)CSMA/CD ?


34)Heap Sort, Merge Sort ?
35)Hashing Technique ?