TCS Placement Paper

TCS placement paper - 8

1- What is Bootstrap?
2- Is it CSS or Javascripts?
3- What is Kendo?
4- How can we add Kendo in project?
5- How you can sHow grid on View? Code is required?
6- What are the facilities provided by kendo grid?(Filtering, sorting ....)
7- How you are binding Model to kenod. Write code?
8- What are ways to pass two textbox values from view to controller?
9- Difference between Sealed class Abstract class?
10- Difference between Singleton class Abstract class? How to declare singleton class?
11- What happens When we declare singleton class?
12- What is Action Filter?
13- Why to use it? How and where can we Define Custom action filters?
14- Can we have Two method with same name in one controller?
15- What are basic 4 properties of object in c#? When we crate simple object and hit dot?
16- How to bind country list to with one selected country in view ?
17- Can we int in Javascript?
18- How for loop run javascript?
19- What is value if
if we add "5" and 4.
var ss="5"; var dd=4; var result=ss+dd; = 54;
20- How for loop works in java script?
21- How you get 2nd dt in 2nd dr in table using jquery?
22- Calling public constructor inside static class is ok?
23- Write any functionality you used in project from bootstrap. Control names?
24- Can we use linq on array list?
25- What is LINQ?
26- Action Filters are inherited from which class?
27- Can we return blank view? is it give error?
28- What are the parameters if we Write Return json(..) in controller method?