TCS Placement Paper

TCS placement paper - 3

Question 1: Write the pointer representation of a[i][j][k].

Question 2: i = 5
i++, ++i, --i, i--, 5
What will be the output if it is printed?

Question 3: How will you insert a new node between any two nodes in a linked list? Write the code.

Question 4: How will you find a particular data in the linked list?

Question 5: What is MD5?

Question 6: What is RSA? Explain its principle.

Question 7: There is a triangle and 3 ants on each vertex of the triangle. The 3 ants start to move randomly along the edges of the triangle. What is the probability that two ants will collide?

Question 8: What is the difference between C and C++?

Question 9: What do you mean by polymorphism?

Question 10: Give an example of polymorphism with code.

Question 11: What do you mean by OOP?

Question 12: What is inheritance?

Question 13: What is a friend function?

Question 14: What is an abstract class?

Question 15: Suppose there is a number 235 such that sum of first two digits is equal to the third digit. How many such 3 digits number are possible?

Question 16: Why is the VIRTUAL keyword used in C++?

Question 17: Which keyword is written to use a variable declared in one class in the other class?

Question 18: Suppose a code is written in C and you want to use that code in C++. How can you do that?

Question 19 What do you mean by DML?

Question 20: Is there any language other than SQL where DML is used? If yes, then which?

Question 21: How many normal forms do we have?

Question 22: Here is a tic-tac-toe game which is being played by 2 people:
x o _
o _ _
x o x
_ represent the blank spaces. Who played the last chance (x or o)?