TCS Placement Paper

TCS placement paper - 6

1) A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 70. For all values of n from 1 to 70. Statement n says '
At least n of the statements on this sheet are false. ‘Which statements are true and which are false?
a) The even numbered statements are true and the odd numbered are false.
b) The odd numbered statements are true and the even numbered are false.
c) The first 35 statements are true and the last 35 are false.
d) The first 35 statements are false and the last 35 are false.

1) A man goes north 37km.turns left goes 2km.turns right goes 17km.turns right goes 2km. find distance b/w
starting ending point.
a) 54 b) 27 c) 81 d) 67

1) If there are 30 cans out of them one is poisoned if a person tastes very little he will die within 14 hours so if
there are mice to test and 24 hours to test, how many mices are required to find the poisoned can?
a) 3 b) 2 c) 6 d) 1

1) If a and b are mixed in 3:5 ration and b and c are mixed in 8:5 ration if the final mixture is 35 liters, find the
amount of b?
A) 13.34 b) 15.73 c) 16.73 d) 9.45

1) If we subtract a number with y, we get 4 increase of number, once it got divided by y itself... Find that
A) 13 b) 12 c) 14 d) 11

1) It is the class with the seating arrangement in 4 rows and 8 columns. When the teacher says 'start' the girl
who is sitting in first row and first column will say 1, then the next girl sitting behind her will say 4, the next girl
sitting behind that girl will say 7, in a particular order each girl is telling a number, the following girls told 10, 13
next turn is yours what u will say?
a) 15 b) 17 c) 14 d) 16


1) It is dark in my bedroom and I want to get two socks of the same color from my drawer, which contains 24
red and 24 blue socks. How many socks do I have to take from the drawer to get at least two socks of the same
A) 2 b) 3 c) 48 d) 25

2) Lady has 2 select gloves & hat from a basket. In the dark, she can distinguish hat&gloves.14red, 20blue,
18green r there. Find probability that any selected glove pair has same color.

3).A lady had fine gloves and hats. 25 blue, 7 red and 9grey. She had to select a pair among them. But there
was no light so she had to select in darkness the correct pair with a glove and a hat. Therefore how many
combinations of same color she can select?

1) If the Valentine’s Day in 2005 falls on Monday, then on which day will the Valentine’s Day fall on 2010?
A) Saturday b) Thursday c) Wednesday d) Sunday

1. A person run from A to B.He took ¼ of the time less to reach B when compare to run at normal Speed.Then
how many percentage he has increased his speed?
a)40 b)44.4 c)33.3 d)22.2

2. An athlete decides to run the same distance in 1/4th less time that she usually took. By how much percent will
she have to increase her average speed?
a)40 b)44.4 c)33.3 d)22.2

1. In a building there are 5 rooms.Each having a equal area .The length of the room is 4m and breadht is 5
m.The height of the rooms are 2m.If 17 bricks are needed to make a square meter then how many bricks are
needed to make the floor of a particular room?
a)320 b)380 c)340 d)300

1. One man want to build a wall .The length and breadth of the wall are 20 and 30 respectively. He need 35
bricks for one square centimeter then how many bricks he need?
a)21,500 b)30,000 c)21,000 d)20,000

1. In a hotel we can order two types of varities,but we can make 6 more variteis in home.One can choose the
four varities with two from hotel as must.Find how many ways one can order.
a)14 b)15 c)56 d)28

1. If a pipe can fill the tank within 6hrs.But due to leak it takes 30 min more.Now the tank is full then how much
time will it take to empty the tank throught the leak.?
a)78 b)56 c)66 d)59

1.The bacteria has the probability of split into 3 and probability to die is 1/3rd of the total bacteria.Let the
probability is P.Some of them survived with probability 1/5.Then which among the following relation is true?
a)P=1/3+1/5*3 b)P=1/5*(1/8-3)

2. There is a bacteria which has the probability of die 1/3 of its total number or it may tripled. Find out the
A. P=1/3+(2/3*p^3) B. P=2/3+(2/3*p^3) C. P=2/3+(1/3*p^3) D P=2/3+(2/3*p^3)

1. There was a grand mother in a village who had a grand child.Upon asking her grand childs age she told that
she is as older as many days old as her daughters age in weeks and as many days as her own age in years.The
sum of the three is 130.then how old is the child.?

1) In T.Nagar the building were numbered from 1 to 100.Then how many 4’s will be present in the numbers?
a)18 b)19 c)20 d)21

2) In Tnagar many buildings were under residential category.for buildings they number as 1 to 100. For shops,
corporation numbered between 150 and 200 only prime numbers. how many time 6 will appear in building

1)Amrith told to Anand in front of a Photo that “He is the son of my father’s son”.Find who is in the picture if
amrith have no brothers and sisters.
a)Amrith himself b)Amrith’s Uncle c)Amrith’s Father d)Amrith’s son

2) One person has no siblings and says,” the guy in the photo is the only son of my father ‘s son”. What is the
relation of the guy to the person?

1) One grand father has 3 grand children two of the age difference is 3.Eldest child age is 3 times the youngest
childs age and the eldest child age is two year more than the sum of other two children. Find what is the age of
the elders child?
a)18 b)22 c)30 d)10.

2) One grandfather has three grandchildren, two of their age difference is 3, eldest child age is 3 times youngest
child’s age and eldest child’s age is two times of sum of other two children. What is the age of eldest child?

3) One grandfather has three grandchildren, two of their age difference is 3, eldest child age is 3 times youngest
child’s age and eldest child’s age is two times of sum of other two children. What is the age of eldest child?

1) In a school, for a student out of 100 he got 74 of average for 7 subjects and he got 79 marks in the 8th
subject. what is the average of all the subject?
a)76.251 b)80.25 c)74.265 d)74.625

1) 3 persons a,b,c were there A always says truth,B lies on Monday,tusday,& Wednesday.but C lies on
thrusday,Friday & saturday .one day A said”that B & C said to A that” B said “yesterday way one of the days
when I lies”,C said that”yesterday way one of the days when I lies too”.then which day was that?
a)Sunday b)Thursday c)Saturday d)Tuesday

1) Which is the smallest no which divides 2880 and gives a perfect square?
a)4 b)9 c)3 d)5

1) How many 9 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 if the repetition
is allowed?
a)57 b)56 c)59 d)58

2) how many 13 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 if repetition of
digits is allowed?

3) By using 1,2,3,4,5,how many 5 digit no. can be formed which is divisible by 4,repetation of no. is allowed??

4) Form 8 digit numbers from by using 1, 2,3,4,5 with repetition is allowed and must be divisible by4?

5) How many of 14 digit numbers we can make with 1,2,3,4,5 that are divisible by 4. Repetitions allowed.

1) Consider two tumblers, the first containing Water and next contains coffee. Suppose you take one spoon of

water out of the first tumbler and pour it into the second tumbler. After moving you take one spoon of the
mixture from the second tumbler and pour it back into the first tumbler . Which one of the following statement
holds now?
a) There is less coffee in the first tumbler than water in the second tumblers
b) There is more coffee in the firs tumbler than water in the second tumbler
c) There is as much coffee in the first tumbler as there is water in the second tumbler
d)None of the statements holds true

2) Two bowls are taken, one contains water and another contains spoon of water is added to second
bowl and mixed well, and a spoon of mixture is taken from second bowl and added to the second bowl. Which
statement will hold good for the above?

1) Six friends decide to share a big cake. Since all of them like the cake, they begin quarreling who gets to first
cut and have a piece of the cake. One friend suggests that they have a blindfold friend choose from well shuffled
set of cards numbered one to six. You check and find that this method works as it should simulating a fair throw
of a die. You check by performing multiple simultaneous trials of picking the cards blindfold and throwing a die.
You note that the number shown by the method of picking up a card and throwing a real world die, sums to a
number between 2 and 12. Which total would be likely to appear more often – 8,9 or 10?
a) 8 b)All are equally likely c)9 d)10

69) Given a collection of points P in the plane , a 1-set is a point in P that can be separated from the rest by a
line, .i.e the point lies on one side of the line while the others lie on the other side. The number of 1-sets of P is
denoted by n1(P). The minimum value of n1(P) over all configurations P of 5 points in the plane in general
position (.i.e no three points in P lie on a line) is
a) 3 b)5 c)2 d)8