IGATE Placement Paper

1. If MASTER : VIXOSP then what's STREAM : ?

2. Boys and girls are seated in 5 rows and 5 columns, such that A is seated at the center and P is right to A. If R is in front of A and Q is behind P. In which direction is Q seated with respect to R. If all the students are seated facing north.
Ans : south east

3. If 21 books must be placed in a row. In how many ways these books can be arranged such that no two new books are arranged consecutively,,,
Ans : 210

4. Two dice are thrown such that a sum of 8 is obtained in a condition that the second die must be always 4. Find the num of chances of obtaining sum of 8.
Ans : 1/6

5. Two cans A & B contain 25% & 30 % of milk. If 6 parts of can A and 4 parts of can B acre mixed in a can C. What is the proportion of milk in can C.
Ans : 15

6. 1 rupee, 50 paisa and 25 paisa coins are there in the ratio of 2.5 : 3 : 4. For Rs 210, find the number of 1 rupee coins.
Ans : 105.

7. 9 men and 6 women will finish a work in 5 days, similarly 3 men and 15 women can finish the same work in 10 days then in how many days 9 men and 10 women will finish the same work.
Ans :3

8. X amount takes 10 years to become double. How many years it takes to become triple ?
Ans :15

9. A team plays cricket in a year with a % of win by the team as 50% and the % of loosing matches as 40%. If the number of matches tied is 20, then find the number of matches played.
Ans : 200

10. There are 8 pairs of socks and 2 socks are worn from that such that the pair of socks worn are not of the same pair. what is the number of pair that can be formed.
Ans :56