Huawei Placement Paper

1) In a transistor in active region there is a relation:
a) IB= BIC b)IC = BIB c)IC = IBd)none of these.
2) For preservation of food we need
a) salt b) formaldehyde c) sugar d) none of these
3) What is dry ice.
4) Ammeter 25-0-25mA then what is the sensitivity of ammeter.
5) Which layer is not in OSI layer:
a) physical b) data link c) network d) transmission
6) If carrier is modulated 100 % then what is the percentage increment ofpower:
a) 50b) 100c) 0 d) none
7) Convert (17)10 to binary.
8) (375)10 = ()8
9) During a day at which time most distortion takes place.