DE-Shaw Placement Paper

1) Minimum #of ip addresses required for an router
Ans) 2

2) The worst case booth complexity for
Ans) 101010101010101010

3) Disadvantage of pcm
Ans) forgot

4) Two binary 8bits are added overflow will come for
a)ones complement
b)twos complement
c)ones complement with signed magnitude
d)twos complement with signed magnitude

5) Two 8 bits are multiplied and the result is stored in an ROM the size of the ROM is
Ans) 64*64 doubt

6) How many no of 4x1 muxs are required for making an 16x1 mux
Ans) 5

7) A simple nand gate problem
Ans) Simple

8) The shannon hartley therom give the
Ans) Channel capacity with no error

9) The bandwidth for 500bps is
Ans) 1000bps doubt

10) A problem with lower triangular matrix
Ans) x[i]=b[i]-a[i][j]*x[i]

11) A c program with
if x>y
Ans) GCD

12) Microwave propagation along the curvature of earth is called
Ans) Duct propagation
13) A simple bit on recursion

14) CSMA/CD is used in
Ans) Ethernet

15) What is used for knowing its own ip address
Ans) Rarp

16) No signalling is needed to establish connection in
ans ) IP

17)A simple problem, on newton rapshon method

18) (A-B)U(B-A)U(AnB)=
Ans) AUB

19) If a number is chosen between 100 and 999 including these numbers what is the probability that the number selected does not contain a 7 is

20) A packet travelling in the internet forever can be controlled by having the field
ans)time to live (ttl)

21) C code with the following choices
a)call with value
b)call with address
c)call with value result
Ans) Call with value result

22) When the following sequence is inserted in the binary search tree no of nodes int left subtree and right sub tree is
ans )7,4

23) Write a program in recursion

24) Write a program for re-entrant code

25) Write a program for reusable code

26) what is multiprocessing ,multi threading ,multiprogramming