DE-Shaw Placement Paper

1. A solid ice of 11 x 8 x2 inches is made into rod of diameter 4 inch. what is the length of rod?
Ans: 3.5 inch

2. There were 750 people when the first song was sung. after each song 50 people are leaving the hall. how many songs are sung to make
them zero?

3. A person is climbing of 60 meters . for every minute he is climbing 6 meters
and slipping 4 meters . after how many minutes he may reach the top?
Ans: (60-6)/2 +1 :28

4. How many zeros are there in the product of the integer from 1to 100?
Ans: 24( not given)
1 to 10 -2 zeros
21 to 30 -3 zeros : because 25 = 5*5
22 *5
24 *5

5. A can do work in 2 hours b can do a work in 3 hours what is the shortest time they can finish the work?
Ans: 1hour 12 min.

6.Salary is increased by 1200 ,tax is decreased from 12% to 10% but paying same amount as tax . what is the previous salary?
Ans: 6000

7. The least no. which is when divided by 4,6,7 leaves a remainder of 2 ?
Ans: 86

8. A man driving the car at twice the speed of auto one day he was driven car for 10 min. and car is failed. he left the car and took auto to go to the office . he spent 30 min. in the auto. what will be the time take by car to go office?
ans:25 min

9. A report has 20 wheels, each of 55 lines and each such a line consists of 65 characters. if the report has to be retyped with each sheet having 65 lines and each line have 75 characters, the percentage of reduction of no of sheets is closest is to?
Ans: 25%

10. Out of 100 families in neighbour hood , 55 own radio, 75 own t.v and 25 own vcr. only 10 families have all of these, and each vcr owner has tv .If 25 families have the radio only, the no. of families have only tv are?
Ans: 30