Cognizant Placement Paper

Cognizant placement paper - 5

1) Prepare stages of SDLC and types of SDLC and uses of each SDLC.

2) what is virtual network ?

3) write a query to select the employee from a table who has salary between 2000 to 7000?

4) Write a program to print as following?

5) Prepare inner join, outer join, self join, cross join, union and try to solve some query .

6) Types of DBMS and uses of each of them.

7) Normalisation 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF.

8) what is Oops

9) what is pop,

10) what is storage classes.

11) Write a program on sorting algorithm like bubble sort, insertion.

12) Write a program to print star in triangle shape.

13) Write a program to Factorial of a number

14) Write a program to palindrome

15) Write a program to reverse a string

16) Write a program to explain Binary search tree

17) Write a program to explain link list

18) Write a program to explain stack

19) Write a program to explain queue.

20) What are the Layers of osi model

21) what is tcp/ip model and ipv4 vs ipv6

22) Diagram of architecture of 8086 is enough.

23) write a query on self join and explain what is self join.

24) Draw architecture of 8086.

25) Types of joins.

26) What is static variable, explain me with program.

27) SDLC life cycle stages.

28) What is white box testing and black box testing.

29) Size of integer?
Ans.2 or 4 (system dependent).