Cognizant Placement Paper

Cognizant placement paper - 6

1. A shopkeeper sells a article at 20% profit for 540. What is the actual price of the article or C.P

2. A train and pole question. I don't remember the no. But it was like train cross a pole after some times etc.

3. How to write 0.555 as fraction.

4. A man dive deep in sea at 40 ft/ min, at 3000 ft he will meet a ship. What is the time required to reached that ship.

5. A tank filled by a pipe in 10 min and by other filled by 20 min. What is the time required to fill. Something like this.

6. 20% population is decreased every year. If the population is 10000 what is the population 2 year back?

7. If Delhi is 34187 than what is Mumbai?

8. Stick is rshbj than what is reply?

9. If a girl is standing at a point, she turns to left 30 m walk, run again left and 10 walking, after 40 m walking again take left, than make 20 m walk in left. Where's she from starting point.

10. Looking at a pic. a man say's he's mother is the wife of my father's son (and I don't have bro. ans sis.). What's the relation between me and the pic.

11. Arrange : restaurant-plan-order-menu-celebrate. I think asn. is 42135 in order

12. building : brick:: flower: pallet

13. Antonym of conceited.

14. Requisite Antonym?

15. Migrate Antonym?

16. Prankish Antonym?

17. Nominal Antonym?

18. Lace Synonym

19 Trust Synonym

20. He is honest _ among his friends (against, with, in, to, by)?

21. Arrange: P. people of all profession, Q to his clinic, 3 for medicine and treatment, 4. at his place.

22. Data sufficient : who's R son if. P is R sister and q is son of P.

23. In a mall 20% is taken by office and 60% for food zone remaining 1600 meter is open for all. What is the size of mall?