Adobe Placement Paper - 8

1. There are n address lines in the procesor, which is true regarding the virtual space of the running process
a. There is no limit on virtual space
b. 2^n bytes in virtual space
c. It depends upon size of ram
d. None of the above

Question : 2
a. Threads share memory at heap
b. Threads share stack
c. When a parent thread dies, child thread becomes a zombie
d. Thread improve efficiency in multiprocessor system
a. Only a
b. Only a & d(or may b option was only a &c)
c. Only a, c, d
d. None of the above

3. In this a BST was given and you have to find average search for a number of keys then select the appropriate option for that average value

4. If there n processors in a multiprocessor system them wat is the order of summing n numbers
a. Log n^2
b. Log n/2
c. Log n
d. N*n

5. Indented set of loops were given then you have to find number of the times the function will b called in the most interior loop. Loop was varying like i=1 to n then inner one j=1 to i then so on.

6. Relation sum of degree of each node of the graph and number of edges (may vertex i dont remember and even dont want to think much more about it) then relation between number of vertex and number of edges in the graph.

7. Write a function with arg node *p, node* q such that it inserts q between p and p->next

8. Calculate power of a number and complexity of your process.

9. Program to find whether a point lies in a traingle or not you were not supposed to check that the given 3 points representing traingle form a traingle coz you were allowed to assume that they form a traingle(hint :- there was hint something related to area i actually dont remember that bt that hint applies that you have to calculate area of the given traingle then you have to find area of three traingle formed by the given point and points of the traingle and if they are equal then point is inside the traingle).

10. Write a function for y=a0+a1x+a2x^2.+anx^n-1 (i actually dont remember Question the Question completely because i havennt done this ques)