Adobe Placement Paper - 7

1. A union was given with member int and pointer then you have to tell what will sizeof return
2. Difference between calloc and malloc

3. Int fun(int n)
unsigned static int b=2;
int a=3;
/*some simple code was also there bt i dont remember that with action performed on a and b*/
return (n+a+b)
output when you call printf("%d %d",fun(4),fun(5))

4. Write a function to return index of string s where that index represent righmost occurenece of string t in s
5. Write a function to flip odd bits of a unsigned int
6. Write a function to print sum of two unsigned integer if there is no overflow otherwise print a message that overflow is happening?
7. Write a function to generate all anagrams of a string

8. Struct node {
int data;
struct node *prev,*next;

if a head pointer is given to the list having the above structure then print the item in the reverse order that is from end to starting (nothing was given whether list is doubly linked list or circularly double linked list in all there was no information abt how list is being mantained).

9. Suppose you write this line on command line myprog.exe hello world then you have to print world hello myprog.exe