Adobe Placement Paper - QA(3)

1st level written test for QA:

1. What percentage of total mass does liver has
Ans 2.4%

2. What is the ratio of bones to total mass
all the Questions are simple.

3. 45 min testing concept test: 20 objective multiple choice qustions like binary form of numbers, virtual memory, lossy compression, while loop, if-then-else, error codes.

1. Winzip is an
a. Lossy compression b. Lossless compression c.text d image

2. Output of 11000100 minus 2?

3. Memory leakage is because of ?

4. Virtual memory concept is related to what?

5. Regretion testing is defined as
a. Testing the whole application
b. Testing the different modules in the application

6. If the time is very limited for the testing then what would you test in the application.
A. Run all the tests
b.look for the most used featues in the application
c.go to the test plan and run the test based on the priority