Wipro Placement Paper

Wipro placement paper - 7

Q. What page replacement algo . has minimumn number of page faults ?
Ans. Optimal algorithm

Q. What is the use of virtual base class in c++
Ans. Multiple lines between derived classes.

Q. Find the eccentricity of a given node in a directed graph

Q. Convert the infix to postfix for A-(B+C)*(D/E)
Ans. ABC+DE/*-

Q. What is swapping

Q. Assignment operator targets to
Ans. l-value

Q. A byte addressable computer has memory capacity of 2 power m Kbytes and can perform 2 power n
an instruction involving three operands and one operator needs maximum of ---bits
Ans. 3m + n

Q. In round robin scheduling, if time quatum is too large then it degenerates to

Q. What is network schema?

Q. Packet Burst is ______

Q. Picard's method uses _______?
Ans. Successive Differentiation.

The following are few sample questions that maybe asked in the hardware paper.We haven't been able
to give the values in certain problems ; only the type of questions have been mentioned.
Q. Concentration and restivity is given and conductivity is asked for ?

Q. R , resistance and C,capacitance is given ,find the frequency and Q factor of the crystal ?

Q. Critical fequency and angle theta is given ;.the max useable frequency is to becalculated

Q.Questions on parabolic reflector anttena's and half wave dipole antenna's design

Q. Ramp signal is generated from integrator .Whether it is a low or high pass filter .?

Q. Calculate FM bandwidth given max modulation fequency FM , max freq deviation , df and 8 pairs
alllowable side band component ?