Wipro Placement Paper

Wipro placement paper - 5

1. What is SDN/NFV?

2. What is recent trend in telecom and networking fields?

3. What is template in c?

4. Do you know How to manage memory?

5. Do you know Data structures?

6. What is cloud computing and big data analysis?

7. What is your favorite subject throughout acads?

8. What are modulation techniques in signal and system

9. Sorting array of 'n' elements in a way that after k elements the elements must be in ascending order and before k element the elements must be in descending order.

10. G.C.D of two numbers.

1) Which data type will check the true or false condition?

Boolean datatype.

2) Program: a=40, b=35, c=20, d=10.
(i) P = a*b/c-d.
(ii) P = a*b/(c-d).

By What amount differs?

3) Sum(int n)
return 2

How many times it enters function?

4) Two matrix: We have to sum the elements in diagonals. In both matrices there will be only diagonal elements. It traverses the matrix by How much?

1) Theta(n).
2) Theta(n2).
3) Theta(nlog n).
4) None of these.

5) A girl wants to sum the square's up to given and values:

int i=0
int sum=0,n=5

It will prints the output as sum of squares or not.

6) In the following not use for sorting elements:

1) Selection.
2) Insertion.
3) Rotation.
4) Deletion.

Answer: Deletion.

7) In which sort is traverse sort method?

1) Bubble sort.
2) Insertion sort.
3) Heap sort.
4) Quick sort.

Answer: Heap sort.

8) Library book arranged sort named

1) Bubble sort.
2) Selection sort.
3) Quick sort.
4) Heap sort.

9) int a=0, i, sum=0
a=(i***) // statement 1
while(i<<100) // statement 2
sum=sum+a; // statement 3
a=(i*i*i); // statement 4
Printf sum

Which statement has the error?

10) You are visiting a zoo. In the zoo different animal are there like dog, lion, zebra. These animal have different data members herbivorous, color, etc., How will you represent in a class diagram?

11) Array contains 20 elements you have to find the largest among these element. Which of the sorting efficient?