Samsung Placement Paper

1. Threads don't share their ___________________with other threads. Ans: stack,register,and counter
2. Advantage of using large pages and small pages in paging.?
3. Which program loads first When system starts. Ans: bootstrap loader.
4. When interrupt occurs What cpu does. Ans: cpu at once switches over its control to the interrupt.
5. Technique used for avoiding page fault frequency? Ans: locality of reference.
6. Recursive function uses more__________________than non recursive function. Ans: stack space.
7. In heap each node is. Ans: each node is greater than its left and right child node.
8. Complexty of binary search: Ans: nlogn
9. Total no of nodes in a full binary tree of 4 levels. Ans: 15

Samsung placement paper

placement paper-1

Samsung placement paper

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