Samsung Placement Paper


1. What are storage classes, difference between them, How "register" class works?

2. What is Const & Volatile, difference between them, How to use them & Where we need to implement these keywords. Explain with example. Can we use both keywords together?

3. Declaration of function pointer?

4. What is static, difference between static and extern?

5. What are structures & unions?

6. What is typedef, #define?

7. Can we declare an array like this:- int and = 10; unsigned char arr[n];

8. How to declare a structure & How to find out the size of structure?

9. I2C Protocol; Bus arbitration

10. What is RTOS, Scheduling, different scheduling algorithms? which one is better? What is priority inversion, its solutions?

11. Difference between user mode and kernel mode?

12. What is process, thread, Difference between them?
Samsung placement paper

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Samsung placement paper

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