SAP Placement Paper

Q. Can we run a C program without main()?
Q. Features of C++.
Q. What is abstract class and normal class?
Q. Write a program to insert a node into linklist ?
Q. What is short term scheduler?
Q. What is agile model of SDLC?
Q. Waterfall model SDLC.
Q. Disk scheduling (OS).
Q. What is requirement traceability matrix?
Q. Questions on project?
Q. What is the most difficult code you have ever run?
Q. What innovative you have done in CS?
Q. 25 Horses puzzle.
Q. What are different types of join?
Q. How will you create a table from an existing one (Ans: using select into SQL command)
Q. Primary key, Foreign key (SQL queries).
Q. On delete cascade.
Q. Views in DBMS.
Q. Database design for ATM/Bank.
SAP placement paper

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SAP placement paper

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SAP placement paper

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