SAP Placement Paper

1. What is a class and object in C++.Explain by taking an example.

2. What is static and use of it? Give a real life example where you would use it?

3. What are public, private called in C++( ans :Access Specifiers) , What is the use of them? For whom would it be useful users or developers?

4. What is difference between authorization and authentication?

5. Abstraction and encapsulation?

6. How is Encapsulation implemented and an example?

7. What is use of inheritance?

8. Write a program to find second largest number in an array?

1. Sheela gets salary, along with an increment given at the end of each year.After 4 years from her date of joining she gets Rs.15,000 and after 10 years she gets Rs.18000. wat is her salary When she joined?

2. There were few elephants and an equal number of mahouts.Half of the mahouts were sitting on the elephants and half were walking.Totally there was 84 legs, how many elephants were there?

3. if * stands +,- stands for /,+ stands for * and / stands for -,then 24+7-6*8/2=?

Section 2:

int i =0;
printf("In the name of lord");
for(i =0;i<5;i++)

2)struct one
int j;
char m;
union two
int a;
char b;
float c;
struct three
int x;
float y;
char z;
wat is the size of union?

3).fun( int a,int b)
/*some code*/
fun (a.b)
int a,b;
/*some code*/
a)Both functions are in ANSI notation
b)1st one in ANSI & 2nd in K& are notation(Ans)
c)1st in K&R,2nd in ANSI
d)Both in K&R

4) An array of numbers were given and sorted using insertion and selection sort, Choose the correct option.

5) Programs based on Binary search tree.

SAP placement paper

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SAP placement paper

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SAP placement paper

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