Robert-Bosch Placement Paper

1. Two forces acting along the same line but in opposite directions. they are called (c)
a) Concurrent b) coplanar c) collinear d) non concurrent

2. Two basic systems of forces (c)
a) Coplanar, concurrent b)non concurrent, concurrent
c) Coplanar, non coplanar d)concurrent, non coplanar

3. Formula for power in HP

4. Forces lying in the same plane but never met (b)
a) concurrent b)parallel

5. Ger ratio for helical gears one of 30 tooth and the other 60 tooth
a)800:1 b)2:1

6. Four rectangle strips of size 10 X 1 inch are placed on a table as sHown in the figure. What is the area covered on the table. (a)
a)36 b)40 c)1600 d)80

7. If you traveled 45 min at 4 miles per hr and 30 min at 3 miles per hr. What is the distance covered by you in 1 hr and 15 min. (b)
a) 8 miles b)6 miles c)7miles d)10

8. A ball of weight 10N is dropped freely from rest at a height of 4 mts. What is its total mechanical energy after it has traveled 1 meter.

9. Two bodies of same mass are traveling at a velocity of 2 m/sec in opposite direction. After collision one travelled with 1.8 m/sec What about the other.
a) equal to 1.8 m/sec b)more than 1.8
c) Less then 1.8 d) can not say

10. If X-component of a force is -Ve and Y-component is +Ve, in which plane the Resultant would be ?
a) First quadrant b) second c) third d) fourth

11. A body is said to be in equilibrium (c)
a) if it is in rest b)if it is I uniform velocity
c) if the sum of the forces acting on it is zero d)none

12. X15-X13+ X11-X9+X7-X5+X3-X=7 than value of X16 ?

13. a chain of leanth 1 mt and mass 1 kg is placed on a table.What leanth of the chain must be hanged freely from the table so that is will drag the remaining chein freely (d)
a)55 b)66 c) 0.5 d)75

14. Main purpose of governer (d)
a) to live happy life b) to increase engine speed
c) to decrease engine speed d)to run engine smoothly

15. A steel beam of mass m and length l is placed on a surface.a couple you is applied at the ends to rotate the beam at 90 0 . What is the work done.

16.A & B are two weight lifters. A can lift 100 pounds 10 times a minute, Where as b lifts 100 pounds 10 times a sec.who is doing more power and work. (c)
a)A&B b)A omly c) B only d) none.

17. A ship is 77 Km away from the shore.It had a leak due to ehich water is flowing into the ship @ 1 ton /min .A pump is used to pump the water out of the ship @ 30 ton/ hr The ship sinks if the water Qty reaches 210 ton.What should b the speed of the ship to reach the shore b4 it sinks. (b)
a)7 mph b)11mph c)15 d)20

18.find the hypotenuse .
1) Sides 8, 11, find hyp

19. Which is the largest side in a right angled triangle
a) hypotenuse b)edgescent side c)opposite side

20. The angle of depression from the top a building to another building is 120. the distance b/n the two is 50 mts. What is the difference in the height of buildings. (a)
a) 10.6 b)20.3 c)10.4 d)48.9

21. Simplyfy [ 3v- 27 - v-(27/4)]2

22. Belt drives are mainly used for (d)
a)to reverse the direction of power in belts. b)to transmit it power. c)to .d) all

23. BS thread profile has
a)141/2 0 b)450 c)250 d) 90 0

24. The main purpose of bearings (b)
a)to reduse noise. b)to reduce friction c) d)

25. When compared to spur gears bevel gears are more . (a)
a) noisy b)smooth

26. The angle b/n bore axis of gear and the tangent to the teeth profile is called (b)
a)P.A b) helix c)

27. The circle touching the outer edge of the teeth is called (c)
a) Base circle.b) pitch crcl c) addendum crcl d).

28. The area of the piston A is 10 cm2 and that of B is 4 cm 2. If 10n load is applied on the piston A What is the force on the piston B. (c)
a)100N b)40N c)10N d)none

29. The force exerted by a spring depends on (d)
a)Material of the spring b)Design of the spring c)Length of the spring d)all

30. If a body is isolate from it's mating parts and all forces acting on it are sHown then it is called. (c)
a)BM diagram b) SF diagram c)free body diagram d)none

31. A coin and a ring of same mass and diameter are allowed to roll smoothly from the top of a inclined plane. which one reaches the bottom first.
a)coin b) ring c)both reaches same time d) none

32. A ball is thrown horizontally .After hitting the ground it again raises with some velocity. this is bcoz. (b)
a) ball is stil having velocity b) it gains momentum from the ground. c) d)

33. a problem on balancing masses.

34. a mass is rotating.with rad /sec.simple problem .on basics.

35 given 0<a<b<c<d then which of the following is least value. (c)
a)c+d/ a+b b)c+a/b+d c)a+b/ c+d d).