Polaris Placement Paper

Q. What motor is used in ceiling fan & washing m/cs:

Q. In electric traction What is 8255

Q. 8085 has __ address and __ data lines

Q. 8051 is a ___ bit micro controller (Ans: 8 bit)

Q. 74LS244 is ____

Q. Bucholz relay is used for ____ protection (transformer)

Q. Transmission line parameters are called ___

Q. Number of poles and freq given find speed

Q. In which motor starting torque can be incr by adding rotor resistance (IM) there were 4 qns frm Power plants (had to guess in that) questions from Controls means
a) underdamped
b) undamped
c) overdamped
d) critically damped

Q. How many flags does 8085 have? (answer-5)

Q. Which of the following are universal gates? (ans-nand,nor)

Q. What is the frequency range of mobile communication?

Q. The resolution of picture in tv depends on.
a. no: of lines scanned
b. video detector o/p

Q. What is the modulation used to transmit sound in tv signal?
a. VSB
b. FM

Q. What is double integration of a unit step signal?
a. ramp signal
b. parabola

Q. virtual memory is used for ?.

Q. Rdbms covers ?Define Query?

Q. Datastructure : order of randomly searched binary tree.

Q. A pulse is passed through a pipe to detect any damage. This process is called ?
a. Time reflectometry
b. Piggy backing

Polaris placement paper

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Polaris placement paper

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