Oracle Placement Paper

1) Find the range of x*x -5x+6>0
X<=2 ; X >=3

2) If 5x*x+14*x+k=0 having two reciprocal roots find the value of k.

3) If first term of AP is 5 .16th term is 45.find the sum of first 16 terms.

4)x,y and z are odd no. not necessarily in sequence.then y=?
(1)mean of x and z is 114.
(2)mean of y and z is 113.
Ans: 115

5) Ram is 27 year old then mohan. After 7 year ram age is thrice as mohan's age .Find ram's age?
Ans : 67/2

6) If three tapes are filling a tank of capacity of 500lit with speed of 30lit/sec,48lit/sec and 36lit/sec. Find after How long tank will fill?
Ans : 500/114

7) Find the root of given eq x-2/(x-1)=1-2/(x-2) if possible.
Ans : x = 0

8) Find the point of intersection of
Ans : NO

9)suppose in a pot 20 cards are there labeled 1-20 on that. find the probability of getting two primes.

Ans : 8/20 = 2 / 5

10) In an island three persons are there Jam ,Dam and Sam .sam having pencil,dam having cap and Jam having book .we have to find who is author among them if.
(1)Sam says ,Jam is author but author wearing cap.
(2)Dam says ,I am author ,but author not having cap.
(3)Sam says, I am author ,but author having note book.
Find who is author?
Ans : jam

11) Jo ,Do and So are three person.
(1) So says Jo is football player, I also football player.
(2) Do says Jo is football player, I also football player.
(3) Jo says Do is football player, I also football player.
Find the football player player among them.

Ans : jo

12) In a basket 3 mangos,4 apples and 4 bananas are there. Find no of ways we select randomly 3 fruit from basket?

13) if a^x=b^y=c^z and b^2=ac then find x+z/xz=?
Ans : 2/y

14)(loga)^2-(logb)^2 = ?
ans :- logab-loga/b

15) In a 60 liters of mixture of spirit and water, water is 7 %. In order to make water 19%,How much water should be added.

Technical part:-

1. What is not a c- storage class

2. If dba creates one user What are the priviledges the user will get?

3. which keyword is used to const in java
Ans. final

4. char *array[4]={"some string"}

5. Remote object will be in the package
6. #define sq(a) (a*a)
printf ("%d",sq (3+2));

7. #define max 20
printf ("%d", ++max);
Ans.lvalue required --- error

8. printf ("%d",sizeof (2>3?4?:4:3?4:2));(some thing like this)
Ans.syntax error

9. What is the importance of free()

10. Property of constructor in java program.

11. Importance of macro.

12. underflow condition of stack.