Oracle Placement Paper

1. Which storage class can't be used to initialize an array.
a) register
b) auto
c) extern
d) static.

2. Can decomposition property of dbms be achieved using reflexivity, augmentation & transitivity rule?

3. They gave an example of hierarchal database (that started with c and of two words) and asked whether is it true or false.

4. Select all the right definition and declaration of a function
a) Multiply(void)
b) Multiply() -ans
c) Int multiply() -ans
d) Int multiply(void)

5. void static main(String args[])
int i =0;
case(0) : System.out.println("0");
default : System.out.println("9");
case(1) : System.out.println("1");
What would be the output?
a) 0
b) 091
c) 09
d) Error: Default misplaced.

6. select the options which will work
a) void static main(String)
b) public void static main(Strigs args[])
c) void main(Strings args[])
d) static void main(Strings args[])

7. XY->Z, A->X then can we say AY->Z ? ans yes

Aptitude paper,

Q. At What temperature Fahrenheit and Celsius would be of same degree. Like 0'c is equals to 34'c and 64'f is equals to 108'f.then find out.

Q. 9 circles are given, each line had 3 circles joined by vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. We were required to find out the numbers, which can fit in the figure such that every line has total sum of 15. and digits allowed were from 1-9 and none should be repeated.