IBM Placement Paper

1). In a bank 60 percent employees are men. 80%men and 20%women belong to retirement plan. what percent of people belong to retirement plan?
If total employees=x, Number of Men=0.6x, Women=0.4x
Men for retirement plan=0.6x(80/100)=0.48x
Women for retirement plan=0.4x(20/100)=0.08x
% of people belonging to retirement plan=100*(0.48x+0.08x)/x=56

2). The dimensions of a certain machine are 48*32*52, if the size of the machine is increased proportionally until some of dimensions equals 156.
Is 56*40*60
because 156-132=24/3=8

3). A can do a work in 6 days, B can do a work in 8 days and C can do it in 12 days. B left work after 6 days. For how many number of days should A and C should work together to complete the remaining work?
A complete work in 6 days
B complete work in 8 days
C complete work in 12 days
B's 1 day work=1/8
6 day's work=6/8
remaining work=1-6/8=2/8=1/4
A+C 1 day work together = 1/6+1/12=1/4
so A and C work 1 day to complete remaining work
ans. 1 day

4). A sphere is cut into 4 identical pieces after it was painted. What is the ratio of the painted area to the unpainted area?
After cutting into four pieces we have each piece having two semicircular planes perpendicular to each other giving a (unpainted) surface area of pi*r^2. Hence ratio is 1:1

5). A letter has to be printed 100 lines with 80 character, if 40 character per line printed how many lines it take.
Total characters to be printed=80*100
if 40 characters printed in 1 line
therefore to print 8000 characters we need=1/40 *8000=200 lines