IBM Placement Paper

On-line Business communication Test:

Q1. Which of the following will you choose for a short notice to change the lunch hours?
1)Specific details.
2)Context and problem.
3)Regarding lunch.
4)hours All the above.

Q2. kelly is a good babysitter.Qualified, professional and fun
1) dangling modifier.
2) run on sentence.
3) a sentence fragment.

Q3. The question below consists of a pair of related words followed by four pair of words. Select the pair that best express the relation in the original pair: Deprecate: Credit
a. enhance: disparage.
b. bait: heckle.
c. unfair: biased.
d. discourage: force.

Q4. Convert into passive/active voice.
1. They objected to my proposal(My proposal is objected by them).
2. People believe him to be innocent(He is believed to be innocent by the people).
3. The invigilator was reading out the instructions(The instructions were being read by the invigilator).

Q5. Convert into direct/ indirect speech.
1. The preacher said, "Honesty is the best policy."
The preacher told that Honesty is the best policy.
2. I said to my father, "I am coming back after two hours
I told to my father that I will be coming back after two hours.

Q6. What does sexist language means?
(A) Language indicating towards woman
(B) Information conveyed as being a male
(C) language indicating difference between man and woman

Q7. Which is in the correct sense?
(A) This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrive by spirit.
(B) This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrives by spirit.
(C) This child, who was misdiagnosed, thrived by spirit.

Q8. It is considered a breach of etiquette ta have documents signed by administrative assistant

Q9. Sign by blue ink is authentic if done by blue ink TRUE or FALSE

Q10. Introduction should be added
(A) before brainstorm.
(B) same time of body of letter.
(C) at end of letter.

Q11. Which is the correct way to end a business letter?
(A) Regards.
(B) Sincerely.
(C) Respectfully.
(D) Both B and C.
Ans: A.

Q12. Which is the correct use of pronoun ?
(a) Each executive.
(b) Few Of the executive.
(c) One Of the Executive.
(d) All Of the above.
Ans: A.

Q13. Which is correct?
(a) Dear President Smith;
(b) Dear Mr Smith;
(c) Dear Mr Smith:
d) Dear Mr Smith

Q14. The formal business letter contains.
1) Regards.
2) Sincerely.
3) Respectfully.
4) 2&3.
5) All above.

Q15.**Ranny was with sally n me.
Ranny was with sally n I.
Ranny was with me n Sally.
--find correct one

Q16. What to include in business letter.
- Purpose.
- Reason of writing.
- For whom intended.
- All of above.

Q17. Enclosures(3) meaning 3 attachments are there in addition to the letter. true or false?
Ans: True.

Q18. Which of the following will you choose for a short notice to change the lunch hours?
1) Specific details.
2) Context and problem.
3) Regarding lunch hours.
4) All the above.

Q19. How to end business letter?
- Regards.
- Sincerely.
- Respectfully.
- a & c.
Ans: Regards.

Q20. Is it necessary to include a table of contents regardless of the size of the document. true or false?
Ans: False.
Q21. Name is Roger Smith, who is also the president. What is the proper salutation?
-Dear Mr. Roger Smith,
-Dear Mr. Roger:
-Dear Mr. Smith:
-Dear President Smith:

Q22. The coachy my best friend play with me everyday. Write the sentence using comma at appropriate position
Ans: The Coachy,my best friend,play with me everyday.

Q23. In formal letter for better understanding.
1. Repeat ideas with picture and all.
2. repeat important ideas.
3. Refrain from repeating ideas.
4. One and two.