HSBC Placement Paper

1. What is the default print format
a) DUMP b) hexadecimal c) binary

2. Pick the correct format to read an ESDS file
a) organisation is sequential
b) organisation is indexed
c)organisation is sequential, record mode is FB

3. How do we cast a variable in COBOL
a)Can't be done
b)simply assign the variable to another variable

4. In case of file length mismatch between logical and physical file, the error no is:-
a)39 b)46 c)soc7

5. Which PIC clause is used for floating point

6. What is allowed to check in condition parameter
a)RC b)CC c)ABNEDCC d)all of the options

7. What is true about JCL
a)It is not case sensitive
b)The job name should start from or before column 12
c)The job name is not required

8. What are the difference steps for CURSOr
a) Declare, Open, Fetch, Close
b) Define, open, fetch,close
c) open, fetch,close

9. 922 indicates
a)DB2resource not available
b)record length mismatch
c)object not found
HSBC placement paper

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