HSBC Placement Paper

1)Who is the father of C language ?

2)What is the difference between C and C++?

3)Why is C++ called the OOPS Language?

4)write a program which is going to choose numbers which only end with 3(not 6,9) and then add them.then Select numbers which start with 9 and add then after that subtract the sum of both...Took a bit of time but wrote. She was happy.

5)Given a set of numbers write a program so as to pick a number which is a perfect square.

6)Write a program for a palindrome

7)Write a program to take a number from the user (any digits) separate the digits and add the squares of the digits.

8)Write a program on Bubble sort using Pointers.

9)MAPSET means:
a)Group of defined maps
b)Group of map fields
c)group of maps

10) What is pseudo conversation

11) Can one transaction invoke multiple task
a)can not invoke
c)Transaction Id can not invoke TASK itself

12) PPT is:-
a)contains transaction Id
b)contains map set name and program name
HSBC placement paper

placement paper-2