GE Placement Paper

1.what is the probability of person not sharing the same birth day (ignoring leap year)
a. 90% B.97.3% c.93% d.96% ans b.

2. What is the probability of getting same no in two dies
a 1/6 b.1/3 c.1/4 d.1/2 ans .a

3. What is the angle <xoy
if <axo=20deg
Ans :160

4.if 2x=7y=14z write z in terms of x and y
A. (X-y)/xy b.(x+y)/ xy c.(y-x)/xy d. Xy /.(x+y) ans d

5. There are some ingredients for a perfume like m,n,o,p,q
a. If m is there n should be there
b. If q is there when o is there
c. P should more then the others.

6. If xhji= ferf then komj=?

7. There are 2 parallel chords ab & cd wer ab & cd r on opposite side of the centre, where ab=2(cd) the distance from these chord ab=a & cd=b if cd=x then write x interms of ab,cd
ans: 2sqrt( (b2-a2)/3)

8. Can u dived 1000 in to 2 parts where one part is a multiple of 47 and other part multiple of 19
GE placement paper

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GE placement paper

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GE placement paper

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GE placement paper

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